Castle Hill RSL Swimming Club is an adult swimming club located within Castle Hill Fitness & Aquatic Center, 77 Castle Street, Castle Hill. We meet each Wednesday evening from 7.20pm to race a variety of different events from 25m to 400m.

There are four to six events each Wednesday night, each up to six heats. The first event is usually a longer distance Freestyle event ranging from 100m-400m. The following events are a variety of strokes ranging from 25m-100m. The final event is often 25m which can include a relay. Please see ‘Summer Program’ section of the website for the program.

The heats are organised using the handicapping system to allow swimmers of various levels to compete against each other. The swimmers commence the race at different time intervals, which is based on previously recorded times for the same distance and stroke, to allow all participants to finish at the same time. The slowest swimmer starts at 2 seconds and other swimmers commence once their handicap number is called by the starter. We welcome swimmers of all abilities. The only requirement is to be able to swim 25m of any stroke.

Castle Hill RSL Swimming Club has been operating as a sporting club under the Castle Hill RSL banner for over 50 years.

You can view our rules by downloading the document below.

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