The best introduction to Masters Swimming is to look at their website. The following URL is for the NSW site: Navigate around and you will find out about the organisation. There is a national site for Masters Swimming Australia with outlines similar content.

The Competition/Events section shows the meet calendar which gives a good idea of the frequency of carnivals. Our aim is to field a strong team to a number of carnivals across the calendar. The races are seeded by entry time and placings are determined within age groups. Participants are able to race those of a similar level irrespective of age. It is an entirely different feel to the Wednesday night racing or RSL carnivals.

Registering with Masters
Membership works on the calendar year (16 month membership is also available from September for new members). Payment and registration is made via the Masters NSW portal:

The club name is Castle Hill RSL Masters (club code NCL). For most Masters meets, entries are submitted directly through the Masters NSW website. Where this is not the case, the race secretary submits the entries on behalf of Castle Hill.

Please use the following contact information for further details:

Colin Murray 
Masters Coordinator